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Health E80
 World's Most Activated Enzymes 


NAFFA, LLC has long recognized the need to improve health conditions among our native peoples, specifically regarding blood sugar and diabetes. Imagine our excitement when we discovered an international organization (headed by Dr. Tracy Gibbs, PhD) that agreed to partner with us in addressing these concerns that are affecting so many lives among North American Tribes. LINK: Diabetes

It was not until after World War II that diabetes cases began to be reported by (Indian Health Service) IHS providers as a real health concern. By 2010, diabetes had jumped to number four on the list of health issues on native lands. American Indians and Alaska Natives now have the highest rates of diabetes among all racial and ethnic groups in the United States. Another staggering statistic; The Pima Indians of Arizona have the highest rates of diabetes in the world, with more than 50% having a diagnosis of type II diabetes. But what has changed so dramatically over the past 75 years that is causing this massive rise in diabetes, heart disease and cancer? Many people may not know that a lack of enzymes in our food is a major contributing factor to the declining health among Native Americans everywhere. 

We are committed to the belief that our bodies can heal themselves if given proper nutrition!  Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where most the foods we consume are void of nutrients and enzymes.  Many of the foods in our grocery stores and fast food restaurants are boxed, bottled, pasteurized, cooked and/or preserved which kill the life sustaining enzymes we need to maintain our health and wellbeing.  Studies have shown that when we consume more raw / whole / natural foods (like raw fruits, veggies, nuts, and grains) we stand a much better chance of stabilizing blood sugars and maintaining health. Some professionals believe that making simple corrections in our daily diet such as eating 60% whole fresh foods vs. 40% cooked/preserved foods AND supplementing with active digestive enzymes - could go a long way in helping reverse many of the health issues in this country like diabetes.

Health E80 is a patented formula of carefully selected enzymes and co-factored minerals that can help restore the enzyme balance we each need to digest our foods, absorb nutrients, boost immunity and maintain our health and vitality.  This website was created to educate the public on the real issues facing our Native American brothers and sisters and what we can do to reverse this trend. Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer and other serious health issues are plaguing our Native Lands. Let's begin the journey together back to health, vitality and prosperity!


Consuming more raw / whole foods + Enzyme Supplementation may be a key to stabilizing blood

sugars and fighting off malnutrition & disease!

  • World's Most Activated Enzymes 

  • Clinical Strength - Patented Formula

  • Lowers & Stabilizes Blood Sugar

  • Reduces Bloating, Gas and Acid Reflux

  • ​Fast Acting - All Natural Formula

  • Supports Healthy Uric Acid & A1C Levels

  • Contains Potent Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients

  • Promotes Healthy Digestion & Immune Function


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Tel. (888) 623-3280

Fix your GUT and start eating the foods you enjoy.
** If you are taking any prescription medications - consult with your healthcare provider before taking enzymes. Enzyme supplements may cause some medications to work better, requiring an adjustment in dosage.
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