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Albert Pooley


"Hello, My name is Albert Pooley and I’d like to share with you my experience with a new product called Health E80. I’ve struggled with High Blood Sugar for over 35 years. I take doctor prescribed meds for type II diabetes, I watch what I eat, but my blood sugar numbers are consistently very high… as high as 250 to 300 when I have bad flareups. I was recently approached by a lab who has developed AND patented a new enzyme complex that specifically addresses blood sugar and other digestive issues that are at epidemic levels on our Native Lands.  I was a bit skeptical but agreed to give it a try. 

I started taking 2 capsules in the morning, 1 capsule before lunch, and 2 capsules at bedtime on an empty stomach. After consistently taking their patented Enzyme Formula for 7 days, I saw my numbers start to fall dramatically. After 10 days my morning reading was below 100. I have not seen my blood sugar numbers below 100 in over 30 years.


You can imagine my surprise. I didn’t change anything with my diet or doctor prescribed medications. The only thing I changed was adding Health E80 to my daily routine… and the results have been nothing short of amazing.

Energy level is up and I have better sleeping habits. Overall, I just feel healthy and am much more productive. I have several friends and family members also taking this product with similar results. If you suffer from Type II Diabetes, or other digestive issues like IBS, High Cholesterol, Heartburn, Gluten or Lactose Intolerance, Gout or inflammation… I encourage you to discover how Health E80’s patented formulation can provide your gut with the enzymes you need to restore a healthy balance to your digestive system. 

Our American diet is killing us! Almost everything we consume is processed with zero enzymes to help digest and break down the proteins, sugars, fats and fiber we consume. Until recently, I didn’t know these facts. This website is dedicated to helping educate our Native People on the benefits of healthy eating & enzyme supplementation, including Health E80’s Patented Enzyme Formula."

Valerie Hollobaugh

"I started taking Health E 80 in 2019 to help stabilize my weight.  I had already cut out sugar and exercised several times a week. It took a few months of taking two Health E 80 capsules at every meal, but I started losing weight.  I had a blood test taken for another issue and the nurse came back and said I had the cleanest blood she had seen for a 62-year-old. At times when I have a sour stomach, I can take a few of those and it helps me to feel better.   I got tired of taking those capsules after a year and a half and skipped days and noticed my weight going back up. The secret is to keep consistently taking Health E 80 even if you are sick of taking pills. I feel better all around and it really helps whole body health."


 Andrew M.
 Heartburn / Constipation

 Nancy C.
 Severe Shingles

 Albert P.
 Type II Diabetes      

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