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Dedicated to the belief that our bodies can heal themselves if given proper nutrition!


NAFFA, LLC has long recognized the need to improve health among our native peoples, specifically regarding blood sugar and diabetes. Imagine our excitement when we discovered an international organization (headed by Dr. Tracy Gibbs, PhD) that agreed to partner with us to provide a solution that addresses the poor health, diet and disease that is skyrocketing among our North American Tribes. 

Our organization AND this website is dedicated to educating all Native Americans and Indigenous People on the health benefits of proper diet and enzyme supplementation - Including Health E80's patented formula consisting of 8 Enzymes + 72 Minerals specifically engineered to properly break down proteins, fats, sugars, carbohydrates and dietary fiber. 



Albert Pooley

President of NAFFA

Mr. Albert Pooley holds a double Masters (MSW & MPA) and is the President and founder of NAFFA, LLC. He has devoted the past 50 years of his life to the betterment of Indigenous People across N. America and is a firm supporter of  Health E80.


Dr. Tracy GibbS

PhD - Pharmacognosy


Tracy has an extensive background in botanical medicine and studied organic chemistry, hematology and botanical medicine abroad in Japan. He is the formulator and patent holder for the Digestive Enzyme Complex better known as Health E80.

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