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This nutrition education tool uses a plate as a guide to show balanced meals with reasonable portion sizes. The front features a sample meal with traditional foods. The back shows 3 more sample meals and tips to add variety to meals and snacks.

REMEMBER: Raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains are always better than cooked, packages or frozen foods.  When our food is cooked above 120F, frozen, or processed with preservatives, the enzymes are killed (or altered useless to the digestive system) and our body goes into overdrive trying to produce the enzymes needed to digest our foods, and break down sugars, fats and proteins.


REMEMBER: Reduce your sugar intake and drink more water.

And perhaps most importantly - Supplement with Health E80 Digestive Enzymes to promote healthy blood sugar levels and boost your body's ability to heal itself.  ~ Bon Appétit

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